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Long term evolution lte ensures subscribers fast and smooth access to the mobile internet. These networks are called selforganizing networks son. With the current explosion in network traffic, and mounting pressure on operators business case, self organizing networks son play a crucial role. Despite the earlier and ongoing work on various aspects. Introduction the concept of self organizing networks son has picked up only after the transition from 3g to 4g started. Term evolution lte network through the concept of self organizing network son. Son is a common term used to refer to mobile network. Mlb is part of the self organizing network concept, which was introduced in lte. Self organizing networks son in 3gpp long term evolution sujuan feng, eiko seidel nomor research gmbh, munich, germany 20th of may 2008 introduction as every mobile network, lte long term evolution system also needs to be managed. Pdf selforganizing networks son in 3 gpp long term.

However, the complexity of lte system also place new demands on the operations and maintenances of the network. This was because of the exponential increase in the data traffic which required a change in the way the network coverage and. Echo state networks for self organizing resource allocation in lte u with uplinkdownlink decoupling mingzhe chen, walid saady, and changchuan yin beijing laboratory of advanced information network, beijing university of posts and telecommunications, beijing, china 100876 email. The release being standardized by the 3 rd generation project partnership 3gpp with self organization capabilities. Heterogeneous small cell networks operate on licensed spectrum owned by the mobile operator fundamentally di erent from macrocells since they need to be autonomous and self organizing and self adaptive to maintain low costs femtocells are connected. Self organizing networks for 3gpp lte springerlink. Introduction due to the increase of mobile communication in the last decade, mobile networks become more and more heterogeneous. The lte son features can be applied to all available types of network architectures viz.

With mobility embedded in myriad business processes, consumer applications, and public services, these networks are. Network elements and their parameters in mobile wireless networks, are largely manually configured. By applying mlb in the network, gains in terms of higher network performance and a decreasing number of unsatisfied users are the optimization goal. Self organizing networks 5g training courses, 4g lte. Network anomaly detection proposed in 7 proactively pro. Echo state networks for self organizing resource allocation in lte u with uplinkdownlink decoupling mingzhe chen, walid saady, and changchuan yin beijing key laboratory of network system architecture and convergence, beijing university of posts and telecommunications, beijing, china 100876 email. The first lte commercial network was launched at the end of 2009. In order to deliver these services, mnos need to continue investing in their lte networks, implementing radio network optimization to extend their current capacity, while keeping one eye open for future 5g deployments. With the evolution of broadband mobile networks towards lte and beyond, the support for the internet and internet based services is growing. The introduction of son in lte therefore brings about optimum network performance and higher end user quality of. A self organizing network is an lte network that can automatically extend, change, configure and optimize the network coverage, capacity, cell size, topology, and frequency allocation and bandwidth, based on changes in interference, signal strength, location, traffic pattern.

Pdf challenges and practical implementation of selforganizing. Mobile operators lte networks serve the general public or enterprise subscribers. Pdf selforganizing networks son was promoted by the third generation. Abdalkarim awad page 4 son can improve the netw ork performance and qual ity of service. Technical specification ts initial planned release.

Cellular networks, long term evolution, self organizing networks, self con guration, dynamic radio con guration, femto cells, cell allocation 1. Lte son training introduces self optimization, self configuration and self healing of lte and lte advanced networks. Selforganizing networks son in 3gpp long term evolution. The book offers a multitechnology approach as it will consider the implications of the different. Pdf network elements and their parameters in mobile wireless networks, are largely manually configured. Networks with the capability to configure, organize, and optimize their performance while minimizing network operational expenses opex. Selforganizing networks in lte and quantification of. Since lte is an evolvement of umts, the management should also evolve from umts. Lte advanced pro paving the way for 5g nr lte was introduced to provide the first truly global, high data rate and packetoptimized system. Table of contents 1 introduction 2 son mechanisms in 3gpp lte.

Our private wireless solution gives you a dedicated 4. Review on self organizing networks son in lte advanced hetnets. Self organizing network son, son coordination sonco, routing protocols, wireless sensor networks, 3rd generation partnership project 3gpp, long term evolution lte, peer to peer p2p, network management, conflict resolution, reinforcement learning, state aggregation. Mobile network operators choose self organizing network son concept as a costeffective method to deploy lte 4g networks and meet user expectations for high quality of service and bandwidth. You control which machines, sensors and workers can access the network and ensure that they get the right priority and performance. They are conceived to minimize human intervention in engineering processes and at the same time improve system performance to maximize returnoninvestment roi and secure customer loyalty.

Selforganizing network an overview sciencedirect topics. Longterm evolution lte deployments only 10 years ago. Self organizing networks in lte and quantification of economic benefits. Excellent training, with complex information structured simply and efficiently delivered.

There is a trend to simplify the management by autoconfiguration and autooptimization. The solution from ngmn and 3gpp is the self organizing network or son. As every mobile network, lte long term evolution system also needs to be managed. Lte air interface operation, or equivalent knowledge. Pdf benefits of selforganizing networks son for mobile. Self organizing network son functionalities intend to optimize the network performance for the improved user experience while at the same time reducing the network operational cost. This is supposed to be achieved by reducing highly loaded cells in the network. Review on self organizing networks son in lteadvanced hetnets. The edennet platform supports extreme automation that eliminates complexities from multivendor, multitechnology and multilayered networks. Self organizing networks our industryleading self organizing network son solution helps you realize the full potential of your network and get to 5g faster. Selforganization activities in lteadvanced networks. For lte in particular, self organizing networks operations were built into the specifications for the radio access. Review on self organizing networks son in lteadvanced.

A survey of selforganizing networks computer science. Self organizing networks son developed by 3gpp, using automation, ensures operational efficiency and next generation simplified network management for a mobile wireless network. A tutorial on lte evolved utran eutran and lte self. Telco oss selforganizing network ran optimization product. This can be achieved through appl ying different techniques that can optimize the performance of the network. Request pdf self organizing networks in 3gpp lte a new air interface designed by the third generation partnership project 3gpp for cellular networks is the long term evolution lte. Son algorithms are designed to provide better end user performance, lower cost of operations and higher network utilization.

On the impact of rogue base stations in 4glte self. Drivers for self organization 3gpp long term evolution lte and wireless sensor networks wsns dr. Self planning, self optimization and self healing for gsm, umts and lte 9780470973523. Lte son training, self organizing networks son training course covers all aspects of a sonenabled system including technologies, planning, design, architecture, operation and maintenance. Pdf self organizing networks for 3gpp lte researchgate.

The communication and sensing module obtains local information through message exchange with neighboring nodes and performs an observation of the environmental condition by probing or sensing. Lte self organizing networks activities mera follows communication technology evolution trends and invests in expertise in a new generation of wireless communication standards, including lte and lte advanced. Network management automation for operational efficiency. The work in 6 discussed a self organizing map som approach to perform unsupervised training to automatically identify lte faults. Selforganizing cellular radio access network with deep. The main objective of son is to introduce automation into network. Taking the son concept to its logical conclusion, however, and expecting self organizing, self optimizing radio networks in multivendor environments, in multi.

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