Nblake's 7 project avalon audiobook

She offered to destroy the homing beacon that had been set up for blake, but travis ordered her to leave it. She accompanied him to his meeting with terloc, who told them where avalon was hiding. Servalan to travis project avalon has failed totally. Project avalon was the ninth episode of series a of blakes 7 first broadcast in 1978. Full episodes and seasons in playlists on youtube blakes7movies blakes 7 is a british science fiction television series. Blake and jenna teleport down to evacuate a wellknown.

Derek riddell as blake, colin salmon as avon, carrie dobro as jenna, dean harris as vila, owen aaronovitch as gan, alistair lock as zen, daniela nardini as servalan, craig kelly as travis, india fisher as lora mezin, doug bradley as nico, jake maskall as lt jorge garcia, evangelo kioussis as lt nix, barbara joslyn as security monitor, robert maloney as operator, colin ravey as the captain raptor one and vanda opalinski as the avatar. Travis edges forwards and manages to catch the phial when the robot drops it. With gareth thomas, sally knyvette, paul darrow, jan chappell. From the arid wastes of amersat, planet of the dead, to the oceans of acid on the planet aristos, roj blake and his crew on board the liberator wage a deadly war against the forces of galactic. And coming soon are the hardback novel and ebook versions of blake s 7. Project avalon blakes 7 paperback august 1, 1988 by trevor hoyle author 3. For fans of blakes 7, this audiobook of the novelisation of part of the first tv series four. Blakes 7 sometimes styled blakes7 is a british science fiction television series produced by. Full episodes and seasons in playlists on youtube blakes 7 is a british science fiction television series. Travis lures team blake towards a trap as servalan sets her sights on the liberator.

A mutoid aided travis on the ice planet where avalon had taken refuge. Blakes 7 project avalon classic novel audio cd may 23, 20. Project avalon unabridged audiobook, by trevor hoyle. Bbc audiobooks released a cd of readings of trevor hoyles novelisations of episodes the way back read by gareth. She killed the subterron rebel on guard and summoned more mutoids, leading them in surrounding the rebels. Jacqueline rayner and paul darrow read this thrilling novelisation of a classic blakes 7 adventure. Fusion patrol 170 blakes 7 project avalon by lone locust productions.

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