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The british invasion of benin in 1897 video dailymotion. The 1897 british conquest of benin kingdom and its impact on. The film is a cinematic reconstruction of the story surrounding the british invasion of the benin kingdom in 1897 where the powerful king, oba ovonramwen, was. A british invasion force headed by phillips set out to overthrow. The british invasion of benin kingdom 1897 youtube. The situation culminated in 1897, when a large delegation led by britains acting.

With murtaza arif, sandra idubor, ehigiator joy nosa, mike omoregbee. The british invasion of benin kingdom 1897 box breaker. Rawsons troops captured, burned and looted benin city. The oba of benin, his royal majesty, oba ewuare ii, has called for the establishment of a befitting memorial site in honour of oba ovonramwen in calabar city, the cross river state capital. Ovonramwen tried to maintain his independence in the face of increasing british pressure. To prepare the grounds before the invasion, the british first sneaked military spies into benin, to infiltrate the nations security system during the igue festival, a period of acute spiritual sensitivity for edo people. The once belonged to tom singleton gardner, an agent for the british trading company, the africa association ltd, who lived in calabar, from around 1890 to 1917. Oba ovonramwen must have felt uneasy particularly as rumors of the earlier purges had reached the european factories in benin river and itsekiri middle. Invasion 1897 is a movie about the turn of events which lead to the war between great britain and the benin kingdom. Ahead of the global release of lancelot imasuens bigbudget film, invasion 1897, the crown prince of benin kingdom, his royal majesty, eheneden eradiauwa has concluded plans to pay a royal.

Heres one of the greatest african history being told by an african lancelot oduwa imasuens invasion 1897 n gbaisi project. The benin expedition of 1897 was a punitive expedition by a united kingdom force of 1,200 under admiral sir harry rawson in response to the ambush of a previous britishled party under acting consul general james philips which had left all but two men dead. Ovonramwen, also called overami, died january 1914, calabar, southern nigeria now nigeria, west african ruler who was the last independent oba king of the 500yearold kingdom of benin in presentday nigeria. Pdf igue festival and the british invasion of benin 1897. Lancelot oduwa imasuens oba ovonramwen nogbaisis invasion 1897 movie is set to hit the cinemas. Invasion 1897 has been endorsed by the monarch of benin, oba omo n oba nedo uku akpolopolo erediauwa i the great grandson of oba ovonramwen, crown. In time they captured oba ovonramwen and sent him into exile to calabar. Therefore, when oba ovonramwen kept resisting annexation by the british as one of the few local leaders who still maintained their.

The british invaded benin kingdom in 1897 and looted artifacts. There was a dim grandeur about it all, and also these seemed to a fate. This is the touching life story of oba ovonramwen nogbaisi who ruled the benin empire before he was dethroned and exiled by the british. They then looted some 4,000 pieces of art which have never been returned.

Invasion 1897 premieres at 11th abuja film festival. British colonial soldiers committed genocide in the kingdom of benin in 1897. Oba ovonramwens story of the great benin empirical kingdom of. Oba ovonramwen nogbaisi ruled the benin empire until his punitive expedition in 1897 by the british. What was striking from dr bineys account was that prior to the 1897 invasion. And how the famous bronze statues can be found in eurpean musuems. Ovonramwen nogbaisi ruled 1888 1897, also called overami, was the. The actor has already been earmarked for the best performance by an actor award by the. The british invasion of benin kingdom, destruction of its capital city, looting of its artefacts, as well as the capture, deposition and exile of the reigning oba by the british during the invasion of 1897 is by all standards the most devastating of all the events of violence that have happened in the history of the kingdom.

Subsequently, a military operation against benin in 1897 led by. Unfounded arguments against restitution of stolen benin. Benin monarch calls for establishment of oba ovonramwen. Lancelot oduwa imasuen directorproducer of invasion 1897. Oba ovonramwen, who had inherited a kingdom at war not only with other. The british conquest of benin and the obas return the art. Oba ovonramwen nogbaisi ruled 1888 1897, also called overami, was the oba king of the kingdom of benin up until the british punitive expedition of 1897. The project which had started since 2010 marks the centenary anniversary of the princip.

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