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Cancellcantronprotocel, also known by the names sheridans formula, jims juice, js114, js101, 126f, and the cancelllike products cantron and protocel, is a liquid that has been produced in various forms principally by two manufacturers since the late 1930s. If you have money and are interested in actually getting on top of this. If i had a miracle, i would be working my connections like crazy to get the. It is really an individualized solution, it works if it makes sense. These are liquid formulas that are nontoxic and inexpensive. Its not necessarily a mircale but it really helps me. Most alternative cancer treatments only work on a minority of the people who try it. In fact, signs of lysing are often noticed by cancer patients within the first 24 hours of starting on this formula.

First of all, protocel starts working on breaking down cancer cells immediately. Since all healthy cells in the body use aerobic functioning, protocel leaves healthy cells unharmed. A couple of months ago, a reader sent me an article that really disturbed me. A tale of false hope for cancer sciencebased medicine. Cancell cantron and protocel work by reducing the atp energy adenosine triphosphate in each cell of your body. But human studies are the only thing that really matters anyways. This information has been gathered from our personal experience, as well as the anecdotal experiences of many. A number of theoretical models have been used to try and explain how protocel and its predecessors work. Oct 03, 2019 between the 1930s and the early 1950s sheridan developed a product called entelev as a treatment for cancer. Nov 17, 2015 with alternative cancer treatments like cancell, protocel, and many others, it is extremely hard to really prove effectiveness. Releasing two phosphates from the sugar, results in energy for the cell. The scientific research behind this approach is based upon the work of german biochemist, dr otto warburg, who was awarded the nobel prize back in 1931 for his discovery regarding oxygentransferring enzymes that are involved in the respiration of cells.

Cancellcantronprotocel pdq patients siteman cancer center. If you work with one of our approved practitioners, we may also recommend other natural methods. Its the nontoxic aspect of alternative cancer treatments that is the key to why alternative methods are more effective at achieving longterm cures in many cases. In 1990, the national cancer institute tested this formula under its previous name of cancell, and the results showed it to work better than chemotherapy on a large variety of cancer cells lines.

How does it work, how much is it, where can i get it from and how long does it take before itcould work. With alternative cancer treatments like cancell, protocel, and many others, it is extremely hard to really prove effectiveness. Some supplements should not be taken while taking protocel formula entelev and formula cancell or at least their amounts should be restricted. Protocel entelev 23 is an expertly crafted, unique antioxidant formula that may boost immune function. The products of their companies are protocelr, entlever and cancellr. Although it is the ethical and sciencebased thing to do to provide an honest.

It does this by having the cells break into harmless basic protein parts the body eliminates easily. Our cells have an electrical potential that effects how the cell processes energy producing substances mostly blood sugar and oxygen from our blood supply. Does protocel work on common nonlifethreatening skin cancers, such as basal cell cancer. Mar 04, 20 it is not the first that i hear about alkalinizing. With malignant cancer cells, these often break down slowly. Going back to the 1950s, these included the american cancer. Aug 10, 2011 anyone have experience or know of anyone who has been on the protocel treatment. Protocel is completely nontoxic and, because its so easy to use, its often ideal for administering to small children and the elderly with cancer. Sloankettering cancer center recommend against the use of cancell, as there is no evidence that it is effective in treating any disease, and its.

Protocel cancel 50 is a brown liquid with suspended particles that has been expertly crafted as a unique antioxidant formula which may help to boost the immune function of the body. Protocel interferes with that type of cell respiration just enough to make anaerobic cells cancer cells fall apart. The products of their companies are protocel r, entleve r and cancell r. An overview of the protocel dosage protocel is a liquid alternative cancer treatment and commonly branded as cancell. Protocel is purported to work by blocking the production.

In fact, i had originally been planning to write about it not long after i received it. Does that sound like a credible cancer treatment to you. Malignant types of skin cancer, such as melanomas and squamous cell cancer definitely respond to protocel. The person who it worked for had another type of cancer. Vitamin c in supplement form beyond the recommended minimum daily requirement of 60 mgs is believed to be a major reason why protocel, entelev and cancell may fail to work. The protocel is known to help thousands of patients suffering from this terminal disease. This is because a nontoxic method can be used 247, for as many weeks, months, or even years as it takes to get rid of all of ones cancer. Protocel does not and cannot help every single person who uses it. Hello, my dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer 10 years ago and he had every possible treatment from surgery, to repeated radiation and chemotherapy, and unfortunately at the last appointment, oncologist told us he is at the last stage of the disease and that chances for any chemo or radiation to work are very low.

Protocel is one of the names given to a mixture of chemical compounds developed in the 1930s by a chemist named james sheridan who claimed that that the formula came to him from god in a dream and would cure cancer and other diseases. Protocelcancellentelev testimonials reading other peoples testimonials can be truly inspirational. What if there are many ways to heal and one just have to find ones way. May 30, 2008 i certainly dont think my cancer battles are over.

Cancerfree the unconventional way since 1990 home elonnas story faq tribute testimonials resources community about contact. The national cancer institute nci did animal studies on cancell in 1978 and. This is one such medication that is available for more than seventy years. Definition of protocel nci dictionary of cancer terms. They told me that some types of prostate cancer does not raise your psa. Anyone who says differently, may not be trying to scam you, but is just ignorant of the facts.

Even though there are many viable alternative cancer treatments, there isnt a best treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer. Does protocel only bring people into remission or can it really cure people of cancer. Protocel is the worlds most effective free radical scavenger antioxidant. A hemorrhoid treatment that really works, but most doctors. It is designed to specifically target anaerobic cells in the body by interfering with the production of atp energy in all of the cells in your body, which in turn lowers the voltage of each cell by between 10% and 20%. It is also a fantastic antioxidant that registers an orac oxygen radical absorbance capacity of 1. Targeted polyphenol synergistic blend 250 mg contains pomegranate extract, grape seed extract, and quercetin.

Currently the original entelev, cancell and protocel formulas are held by the sheridan children. It relaxes the inner sphincter muscle, allowing the fissure. Meanwhile, several old cancer fighters like protocel have been around for quite a long time, bringing relief to thousands of patients all around the world for over 70 years. The ingredients thought to be in protocel have been tested, and none of them have been shown to be effective in treating any form of cancer. The information provided herein is intended for general and educational purposes with respect to the unconventional health supplement known as protocel, and formerly known as entelev or cancell. Mar 07, 2009 carnivora quite a unique alternative cancer treatment. I talk with people everyday who are using protocel and have studying protocel for 5 years now. Among them are peau darco tea from, cantron or protocel, essiac tea, vitamin a, the budwig protocol, apricot pits or pancreatic enzymes. The nci dictionary of cancer terms features 8,592 terms related to cancer and medicine we offer a widget that you can add to your website to let users look up cancerrelated terms. This medication is popular due to continue reading. Does protocel work on cancer cells by being a powerful antioxidant. If a person has a high copper level indicated by a hair analysis, is it still okay to take. Click the names to read about their recovery journeys.

Though the medical world have made some amazing discoveries and remedies for many unknown diseases yet cancer being one of the most common diseases that continues to threat millions of lives. Alternative nontoxic treatments that work second edition with audio cd transcript at. Cancell has now also been renamed, and as protocel is being sold as a supplement that helps the body remove unwanted and unproductive cells. Protocel is purported to work by blocking the productionenergy of atp in the. The protocel still aids the body to get rid of dead cancer tissues from the body. It took years to find out the one herb that actually worked on the growth itself i. Protocel is a unique product that does not rely on vitamins, herbs, minerals, or pharmaceuticals to destroy cancer, and it is less toxic than one aspirin a day.

This may distract you from daily activities and affect productivity at work. He called his product entelev and eventually gave it to someone. Protocel is purported to work by blocking the productionenergy of atp in the cancer cells, which in turn lowers the voltage of the cancer cells, causing the cells to eventually break apart. Protocel is a very unique antioxidant liquid formula that is not only one of the easiest and least expensive alternative treatments for cancer patients, it is also one of the most successful. Among them are peau darco tea from, cantron or protocel, essiac tea, vitamin a, the budwig protocol, apricot pits. It is, as you might imagine given my specialty and what disturbs me the most wehen i encounter. I tried it on a friends dog and in a few days the lysis started. It is not the first that i hear about alkalinizing. Both cantron and protocel work by reducing the atp energy. It is intended as a resource to inform and assist clinicians who care for cancer patients. Do not risk adding paw paw or graviola to protocel to supplement protocel. Has anyone taken protocel as an alternative therapy. I would have to pay cash, as insurance doesnt cover alternative things like this.

Prostagenix is a dietary supplement endorsed by larry king. When i do get some labeling, the results are unreproducible. Protocel is said to interfere with the anaerobic respiration of cancerous cells. But the protocel was working, it will kill cancer, it helps the bodys natural. Simply do not use protocel with glioblastoma, or any other fastgrowing brain cancer. People who have used it have reportedly found it to work on virtually every other type of cancer as well. Following is a quote from the american cancer society regarding protocel.

Just because protocel worked for someone else, that does not mean it will work for you. Cancell, cantron, and protocel is a liquid mixture or capsule formulation that is promoted as a cancer treatment. Antioxidants are important, but protocel also lowers the energy levels of cancerous cells so as to induce cell death. Distilled water, tetrahydroxyquinone, rhodizonic acid, sodium, potassium, croconic acid,triquinoyl, pyrocatchol antioxidant, leuconic acid, minerals and trace elements, copper trace. Has anyone had any success with protocel entelev 23. Protocel is one of the oldest medications recommended by many medical practitioners. This is also one of the cancer fighting effects of paw paw and graviola. Prior deciding its fate it is very important that we know certain facts about this drug.

This is a common question, but one needs to understand how protocel operates and what common factors may affect the speed of a persons recovery to answer it. There has been a lot of controversy regarding whether protocel is a scam or not. I have used protocel for years and definitely have seen the evidence of it working to get my body rid of cancer. Alternative does not work for me lung cancer inspire. Our research of prostagenix ingredients is based on the available clinical evidence provided by such reputable websites as webmd, the natural medicines database. In addition, the food authorities have not approved this medicine and deny the potential of this liquid to cure any. Both cantron and protocel work by reducing the atp energy adenosine triphosphate in each cell of your body. The first maker of cancell said the ingredients work together by changing. I intend to continue on the protocel treatment for the near future while continuing to be monitored by my doctors. In may of 1974 rene caisse wrote the following words to dr.

It is notable for its blend of eighteen natural ingredients which are meant to help male users feel relief from the staining, urgency, dribbling, and nighttime trips to the bathroom because of frequent urination. I have used protocol for my ovarian cancer for four months now and my cancer count is going down so for me it is effective. The manufacturer does not make any claims this product to cure multiple health ailments including prostate cancer. Apr 19, 2010 ive been highly recommended to try protocel. Below you will find just a few of many protocel success stories. How does it work, how much is it, where can i get it from and how long does it take before itcouldwork.

Cancellcantronprotocel pdqhealth professional version. But sheridans efforts to get his formula scientifically evaluated in a clinical setting and approved for use in mainstream medicine were blocked by various arms of the cancer industry. Jan 20, 20 today, you can purchase the protocel online without a prescription. Cantron vendor this site does have general articles of interest.

Conventional treatments have a bad wrap and no one really likes them because of the bad side effects among other things. The three phosphates are attached to the sugar component. Protocel formula 23 commonly used on specific types of cancer cells and protocel formula 50. Unfortunately, the cancer was near one eye and my friend did not continue the treatment, because the inflamation was approaching the eye. I am pretty much on my last chemo option and havent qualified for any clinical trials, so i am always on the lookout for alternative treatments. It works very well for early stage cancers, with a good success rate for more advanced cancers. Im working with amino acid irs for my control spectra for my synthesis and basing the. Learn more about cancellcantronprotocel pdq patients from the national. Feb 02, 20 an overview of the protocel dosage protocel is a liquid alternative cancer treatment and commonly branded as cancell.

Anyone have experience or know of anyone who has been on the protocel treatment. Anyone have experience or knowledge of protocel treatment. Nutritional strategies for using protocel do not take any supplements that contain the vitamins or nutrients listed below. Protocel or cantron cancer treatment the cancer exchange. Protocel is a powerful antioxidant, dietary supplement. Space does not permit me to share the many case studies of people with all different kinds of cancer who today are cancerfree after taking cancell or protocel for just a few months. It never really hurt me or limited my functionality at all. But what does seem to be clear is that the protocel is effectively treating my cancer and elimnating remaining tumors without the need for chemo or rad.

Protocelcancellentelev testimonials stronghold of hope. This pdq cancer information summary has current information about the use of cancellcantronprotocel in the treatment of people with cancer. There are lots of links my dad had brain tumor stage 4, he took protocel, it helped my dad, the tumor was lycing, and and helped prolonged his life by years, but my dad was up in age, and he got to a point that he just gave up. From what i know, protocel is much more than an antioxidant. Protocel is considered to be non toxic drug mostly available in liquid form.

The process of the cell membranes bursting is called lysing. However moderation and variety in the diet is recommended so as to not over consume any one. Cancell, also called protocel, sheridans formula, jims juice, crocinic acid, js114, js101. A hemorrhoid treatment that really works, but most doctors w. The first thing you should know on protocel is that it comes in two formulations. As for side effects i have experienced slight fatigue but certainly nothing debilitating like my friends and family members who have had chemo and radiation. Modified natural and synthetic compounds selected for their effects on the electrical processes in the cell. It does not give formal guidelines or recommendations for making decisions about health care.

It is meant to inform and help patients, families, and caregivers. This does not apply to nutrients when consumed as they naturally occur in foods in most cases. Cancellcantronprotocel pdqpatient version national. Regardless of anything you hear from any other source, protocel does not work fast enough to cure glioblastoma. The theory of why cancell should work has not been proven. Promoters have advanced rather interesting theories about how and why it is purported to work, including mechanisms that have to do with cellular energy and the conversion of normal cells to cancer cells. It does not provide formal guidelines or recommendations for making health care decisions. Carnivora quite a unique alternative cancer treatment.

Protocel dosage protocel a next generation product. Cancell, cantron, and protocel have been promoted by its manufacturers as an effective therapy for cancer and other diseases. The other herbs i used to purify the blood and throw off any infection thrown off by the malignant growth as it regressed. Common nonmetastasizing skin cancers, such as basal cell cancer, also respond well to protocel for some reason. I found a lot of information on the web about protocel and one of the things that makes me truly want to try it is simply this statement, because i know how big business works in this country and i know that cancer treatment is big business. Because it was marketed as a drug without fda approval, the fda received a permanent injunction against its manufacturers in 1989, making it illegal to. These can be a most helpful addition to the program.

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